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Welcome to my page. My name is Maria Lönnhammar and I live in Huddinge approximately 20 minutes by car from Stockholm, Sweden. Before I fell in love with Chihuahuas there have been Schipperke, German Hunting Terrier and Border Collie in the household. I have always been interested in dogs and from the beginning it was more obedience than shows, but today it's mostly shows.


In 1999 I bought my first Chihuahua puppy from kennel Ammonti's, her name is S N Fin Dk Nordic International Champion Ammonti's Lolita Little Doll (Ebba) and she became the foundation bitch for Chico Querida's. Ebba have proved herself to be a great dual bitch by also producing champion offspring's.


I spend a lot of time going to dog shows during the year, that's why the time for having litters doesn't seams to be enough. Therefore I only breed in a small scale.

In my breeding I try to improve my lines by using males that I hope will compare with my bloodlines and I spend a lot of time studying pedigrees and reading genetics.


I have also had the opportunity to handle a lot of other breeds besides Chihuahuas; Belgian Shepherds (Laekenois & Malinois), Chinese Crested, Pug, Phaléne etc and I think that Chihuahuas are one of the most difficult breeds to show, they have for sure a will of their own...


My dogs live with me like family members, to be able to give everyone of them maximal attention I can't keep so many dogs at home.


All my puppies are sold with KC pedigree and I'm a member of the Swedish Kennel Club and the Swedish Chihuahua Club.


Maria Lönnhammar
Arrendatorsvägen 9
S-141 62 Huddinge
Phone: +46 8 6897768 (08-689 77 68)

2018 Maria Lnnhammar